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What's Inside the Course?

to Management

  • Thinking LIke a Manager
  • How to Hold a Sales Meeting
  • Power Habits of the Sucessful Manager
  • ​Qualities of a Good Team
  • ​Why do People Follow a Leader
  • ​Leadership 101
  • ​Businessman vs. Car Man
  • ​Persoanlity Profile
  • ​Value of Follow Through
  • ​Leadership / Influcence
  • ​Timing 
  • ​Management Super Power

Facebook Secrets
to Sales

  • Why Social Media? 
  • ​Social Media Starting Point
  • ​Types of Campaigns 
  • ​Social Media Posting Secrets
  • ​Marketing Philosophy
  • ​Social Media Philosophy and Strategy
  • ​Posting Your Very First Social Media Ad


  • Overview fo the Sales Process
  • ​Meet and Green Needs Assessment
  • ​Demo / Presentation 
  • ​After the Close Process Through Delivery
  • ​The Value of the Needs Assessment 
  • ​Power of the Write Up
  • ​Setting up the Close
  • ​Power Close 1
  • ​Power Close 2 
  • ​Power Close 3
  • ​Power Close 4
  • ​Power Close 5
  • ​Cold Call Script
  • ​Benefits of Leasing and Close
  • ​Benefits of Cash Down 
  • ​Power Close 6
  • ​Cold Call Scripts
  • ​Power Close 8 
  • ​Power Close 9 
  • ​Power Close 10


  • Power of the Write Up
  • ​Setting Up the Close
  • ​Power Close
  • ​Power Close
  • ​Power Close
  • ​Two Power Scripts 
  • ​Lease Presentation Close
  • ​Benefits of Cash Down Close 
  • ​Power Close 
  • ​Power Close
  • ​Power Close 
  • ​Power Close
  • ​Power Phone Handling
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